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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lundergan Thinks He Gets It

Update: The link to Daniel's letter is here (scroll down).

Perusing through the Courier Journal I ran into a letter to the editor from none other than Daniel at Kentucky Dem (no link to the actual letter available as of today). Daniel's contention was essentially an echo of posts from around the several Kentucky blogs, and concisely stated the inherent superficial hypocrisy of Lundergan being chosen as an antithesis to the likes of Tom DeLay despite having his own past ethical lapses.

Daniel points out that in terms of the difficulty in garnering financial support, Lundergan does not exactly instill confidence. This is certainly true, but there's a larger part that bothers me.

I find it hard to voluntarily relinquish my hard earned funds to a chairperson that wants to move the party "to the right." How can Lundergan ask me to donate money to support a platform that contains elements, such as outlawing abortion and writing discrimination into our Constitution, that I would gladly give money to oppose?


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