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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jerry Lundergan, Boy Genius

I've never been the head of a major political party. And most likely I never will be. Guys named "Pete" rarely make a name for themselves in the world (with notable exceptions such as Pete Sampras, Pete Townsend, or Pete(r) Sellers). But if I were the head of a major political party, I would not say this in the midst of the other team's blossoming scandals:
"There is a bunch of inexperienced advisers to the governor who have decided to run the merit system their way, not the right way, not the legal way," Lundergan said. "They have taken the protection out of the system so badly that they can punish people based on who has the wrong bumper stickers."

You see that? Poor, poor Ernie. He just got screwed by a bunch of young idiots. Over here at Democrat HQ, we sure feel sorry for the guy. He needs to purge those young pups - take 'em back to the woodshed for gawd's sakes - and then all will be right. Giving big Ernie slack in the noose he's tied for himself seems to ignore the "Sadie" email account along with the "Saddie wants a 'hit list'" emails ("Sadie" being Fletcher's dog, and also being the name on an extra email account he set up). Of course, it does fit in with Lundergan's goal to "Republicanize" the Democratic party -and wants my money in the process.

The fact is that all signs point to the notion that Fletcher knew what was happening. And if he didn't then that makes him inept, incompetent, and aloof. The choices are either that Fletcher is an idiot or he's involved. (For my part, I think Fletcher is anything but an idiot.)

2006 is going to be another piss poor year for the Dems if they can't get some better message control.