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Monday, June 27, 2005

Preparing For War

Rawstory is pushing revelations that the US and Britain stepped up bombings in Iraq prior to the outbreak of war, and asserts this was in effect an illegal war (thus a usurpation of Congress' war powers). For my part, I think Kevin Drum is exactly right - like Bush or not, Congress has not been too keen on handcuffing the President's commander-in-chief role over the past 40 years (despite the War Powers Act Drum talks about).

People ought to get their pretty little heads around the fact that the point is not that Bush/Blair were fighting an illegal war in the Fall of 2002; the point is that they were goading Hussein into provoking a war, a war they had already planned to enter into, all while telling the American and British people that diplomacy was their first goal.

It's about the lies that led us to war, and it's yet another piece in the overall puzzle - one which will hopefully lead us one day to the enlightenment of why we are really in Iraq.


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