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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Perhaps Reform Is In Order

From Seattle:
A judge's ruling that two talk-radio hosts' on-air activity could be considered campaign contributions has attracted concern that the decision could have unintended effects on other media.
The usual outcries by media types and their well-kept lawyers about "freedom of press", etc., ensued:
"If commentary is equated with a commercial, does this mean that editorial endorsements that give out a campaign address and contact information is now a reportable in-kind donation?" Carlson asked. "Does it mean that a television commentary that vigorously opposes an initiative has to be reported? ....
The answers in my opinion are "yes" and "yes." That's not your job, that's my job. If you want my job then quit your job and give the public back its airwaves. Or better yet, give the airwaves back and start your own Fox News Corp. Otherwise, the cure for this is to quit editorializing and allowing yourselves to be used as a platform for promoting a political agenda. The cure is to call "bullshit" when bad facts are used to bolster the party line. The cure is to be the media instead of the 24/7 "American Idol" equivalent for politicians - a platform through which various themes can be tested and vetted and then promoted ad nauseum with little or no serious critique of the substance. The cure is to report some fucking news that relies on facts instead of refereeing the "he said" "he said" bobble head back and forth that consumes so much of our airwaves and takes away from the available programming space for really important things like "Hogan's Heroes" reruns or public access to the Game Show Network.

The cure is to quit whoring yourselves to whatever politician will give you the time of day just so you can consider yourself part of the "elite" since you get invited to their dinner parties and sit close to them at baseball games.

In fact if you don't want your work to be considered a campaign contribution then your goal should be to have every politician have at least one reason to hate your fucking guts. I'm sick and tired of bloggers doing well, for free, what you sorry asses are doing poorly, but getting paid good money for. So quit your crying because you can't get fat, lazy, and stupid then hide behind the First Amendment. That Amendment was earned through blood, and you shit on it when you wrap your craphole performance in its protections. It's earned. So earn it.

You can start any day now, but don't fear for my safety. I'm not holding my breath.


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